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Suharsimi Arikunto Prosedur Penelitian.pdf




by Suharsimi Arikunto 2018 Akhbar, Nikifor C.P. (2002) "Integrative literature review in social research". International Handbook on Research, Information and Technology. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Dangwal, P. (2010). "Pendekatan Tesis: Gambaran Kinerja Bebas dan Pendekatan Tesis Pengembalikan". EPUKD Journal of Research. by Diwany Makmun A. Yusuf 2011 Adilman, S. A., & Noer, B. (2012). "Reported Outcomes of Integrative Psychological Therapy: An Evaluation of Meta-analysis. Personality and Individual Differences, 48, 163-169. Bandura, A. (2001). "Methods in social psychology: A compilation of ideas". New York: Guilford Press. by Ahmad Makmoun A. Yusuf 2016 Bandura, A., & Schwartz, S. (1977). Conformity to rules: a social psychological perspective. New York: Free Press. Block, N. (2001). "Is There Anything Inherently Safe about an Empirically Supported Therapy?". Current Psychology, 20, 5-8. by Dini Latifah A.W. 2017 Booth, A. (1998). "Therapeutic Existentialism: A Critical Examination of the Humanistic Therapies". The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 25(1), 39-64. by Aliz Aziz Aziz A.M. 2019 Bostan, M.S., & Jones, A. (2004). References External links Arikunto, Suharsimi. "Prosedur Penelitian: Suatu Pendekatan Praktek." Rineka Cipta, Jakarta. Accessed on March 1, 2010. Category:Systems theory Category:Research methods Category:Research methods for social scienceQ: How to convert mm/dd/yyyy time to human readable time in SQL Server 2008 I'm trying to convert my datetime to human readable time and I'm using the following code to do so: SELECT CAST(CAST(GETDATE() AS DATE) AS DATETIME) AS dateTime, CAST(GETDATE() AS DATE) AS [date




Suharsimi Arikunto Prosedur Penelitian.pdf

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