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Maid Bangers By Bad Dicks. Dude Is Looking For A Night In Bed With A Lady Who Will Talk To Him As Much As He Wants. This is an example of a bad business plan. Movies and TV shows are great. But the general population of society, from the food they eat to their social interactions, is worse than ever. On the subject of jobs, which are often unskilled and low paying, this truth rings especially true. Unfortunately, for the most part, the degradation of the American work environment has gone unnoticed. On the subject of the arts, the best example of the degradation of the work environment would be the diminishing of visual and performance arts in the United States. As a nation, America did not always maintain a focus on the arts. The first Renaissance happened in Italy, and it led the way for the rest of Europe to follow. The way of life in the United States was eventually formed by the European settlers who spread their ideas across the continent. Americans were not just influenced by the Europeans who settled the country. They were also influenced by many who left Europe and settled across the eastern half of the United States. Many of the best known artists, painters and writers came from a mixture of cultures. Over the years, American artists became more dedicated to the arts and less focused on other pursuits. Music, dance and drama were often shown to be the highest forms of art. America began to show more of an interest in these kinds of pursuits, and other artistic pursuits began to go unnoticed or even criticized. Throughout the 20th century, the visual and performing arts were the only areas of interest in the United States. This interest made it possible to name famous filmmakers, musicians and painters. Throughout the 20th century, artists began to set their artistic focus in other arenas, such as film, music and drama. While it was easy for American artists to name famous writers, painters, film directors and musicians, it was difficult to name one who was a great artist. The most famous American writers were easily forgotten because most of them wrote for the masses. It was much easier to name a dancer, musician, director or actor. These kinds of performers are usually the ones who spread the name of the people who hire them. They often become famous for a single performance that people remember, and that goes a long way toward their being remembered as great artists. A person who is famous for all of his or




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